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Searching arrest records can tell you a lot about a person. One's criminal record, also known as a rap sheet or police record, consists of local, state and federal arrest records. Arrest records will detail the person's entire criminal history, from misdemeanors to felonies, pending charges, and even acquitted charges in some cases.

When you search arrest records, the level of detail you have access to will depend on the recording policies of the varying law enforcement agencies in which the subject has interacted with. Expunged arrest records, however, are not available to the general public.

Some arrest records include a high level of detail, including when and where a crime occurred, the outcome of the court case, and even in some instances, details of what occurred at the scene of the crime.

Whatever your reasons may be, perhaps you want to lookup the history of a potential love interest or really figure out who you're about to do business with, there's no denying that searching arrest records can tell you a whole lot about how trustworthy the person you're dealing with actually is.

7 Good Reasons to Search Arrest Records
  1. Your Searches are Totally Anonymous
  2. Protect Your Kids from Sex Offenders
  3. Unlimited People Searches and Reports
  4. Know Who You're REALLY Dating
  5. Figure Out Who Your Neighbors Are
  6. Learn Who People Are Before Doing Business With Them
  7. It Only Takes Seconds to Do!
Getting Accurate Arrest Record Results

Not all arrest records are accurate or up-to-date. Some arrest record and background check services still use databases that are often many years old, and won't give you a full or accurate story of the subject's past.

Most arrest record search services include only one or two reports, and can cost hundreds of dollars each. However, Persopo offers the most up-to-date information from all of the following reports: criminal and arrest records, police arrest history, traffic and speeding tickets, misdemeanors, felonies, marriage/divorce records, birth/death records, address history, phone numbers, related people, aliases, sexual offenses, lawsuits, their actual age and firearm licenses.

How To Search Arrest Records
1) Search

Use the form above to search for your person of interest.

2) Identify

Choose the correct person from a list of potential suspects.

3) Compile

Wait a few seconds while Persopo compiles the results.

4) Download

Get the detailed report sent directly to your email inbox.

Is searching arrest records completely confidential?

We make your privacy our top priority, here at Persopo. Your searches will remain completely anonymous and untraceable. Only you will have access to the records, and the subject of your search will never know they were looked up.

Can I check my own criminal/arrest record?

Absolutely, and it's a really good idea to look yourself up before applying for a job, or other instances where you might expect someone else is going to search your arrest record. Simply enter your name and city and get instant access to your arrest record.

Where do you get your data from?

All our information is combined from millions of public records from across the country, including local law enforcement, federal agencies, courts, and personal filings. We then aggregate this data into an easy-to-digest report that makes it easy to get the info you need.

Are your records up to date?

Persopo is constantly updating our databases to provide our customers with the most up-to-date information available to us from publicly available records. We then cross reference our data in order to remove any inaccurate information.

Who can I search for?

Public records are available on 99% of people, making it possible to search arrest records for virtually everyone. However using our service for any purpose governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act or for any purpose of stalking or identity theft is strictly prohibited.

What do you need to search arrest records?

Acquiring a police record is simple. All you need is a name, and their last known whereabouts, in order to begin your search. It helps to know a little more about your subject, like place of employment or names of family members, but is not a requirement.

Questions & Member Care

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